I can whistle a tune alone, but if I want to play a symphony I have to have a great orchestra...!

For this reason with these events I thank REboma Team and our customers,

reminding myself that no one minute of these days spent outside the office is wasted,

otherwise are moments that help us to work better tomorrow!

Fabrizio Bontempi

A trip to the mountains to hone the senses and spirit...
Salò Rebomaday 2016
Salò.....what a wonderful village
Florence Rebomaday 2017
When I feel that I get depressed, I go back to Florence to look at the dome of Brunelleschi: if the genius of man has reached so much, then I too can and must try to create, act, live. (Franco Zeffirelli)
Reboma cup Golf Bogliaco 2018
Team Reboma celebrates the end of the year in the Limonaia "Pra de la fam" in Tignale! Do you know the country where lemons bloom? They shine among the dark leaves of golden oranges, a light breeze from the blue sky blows... J. W. Goethe
A walk in Venice to live of beauty! If there is anything that can compete in beauty with Venice is the reflection of this city on the Grand Canal at sunset. PEGGY GUGGENHEIM
Spring brings with it the desire to be on the lake and laugh all together...
Buon Natale Merry Christmas Frohe Weihnachten Feliz Navidad Joyeux Noël